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Our mission is to bring our customers the best values towards success in business, through the provision of excellent services, as proven in the best qualified products, most competitive prices, and how professional our company has been building for many years.

Our Business

Our comapny is a professional WHOLESALER and IM-EXPORTER in Vietnam, located in Ho Chi Minh city – the economy center of the country. We have built up our expertise and good long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers for years.

We have big power of providing top quality local and well-known international branded products for the Vietnam market, and export to other countries in Asia, Europe, United States, Australia, and Africa.

We specialize in …

the leading Im-Exporter & Wholesaler

in Vietnam

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1A Nguyen Van Quy St, Dist 7, HCMC, Vietnam


+84 902 873 345




Home Care Products

Air Freshener

Cleaning Chemical

Detergent Powder & Liquid

Fabric Softener

Our values is based on

customer's reliability


Covered Food & Beverage

Fruit juice & soft drink

Instant coffee & Milk

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Seasonings & Sauces

Agri - products

Natural Rubber


Coffee & Tea

Cashew nut & Pepper

Personal Care Products

Women's & Men's Products

Dental Hygiene & Deodorant

Hair care & Skin care

Shower gel & Bath soap

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Our most recent projects

During operations from 2012 to the present, our company has performed hundreds of trade transactions. Here are some of them that we make with our customers.

Contracts with customers

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